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Ultimate Digital Dominion AI Powered Toolkit

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Here's the reality. In order to even be taken seriously, much less compete in the not just near but imminent future, you will need this knowledge.

Beyond that, these are the basics needed
to be able to level up and retrofit your business ideas.

So here is everything you need.

Automatically included is a copy of Digital Dominion which contains:

  • 105 pages of checklists and resources
  • 185 digital business ideas
  • 50 online platforms for hosting your digital business
  • The Digital Dominion Prayer Matrix
  • 30 Scripture Declarations
  • A library of worksheets
  • The Digital Dominion Branding Matrix
  • 400 word glossary to help understand the language of digital business

Plus an exclusive, expanded toolkit of more than 2000 directories, private lists, curated resources, mini eBooks and guides.

  • Directory of 500 AI Powered Platforms Segmented by Use Case
  • 334 Image Creation Prompts to Use in Social Butterfly AI, Chat GPT or MidJourney
  • 100 Productivity Hacks Prompts that Will Make You Infinitely More Productive
  • 100 Innovative Thinking and Product Development Prompts PLUS 45 Bonus Prompts
  • 100 Thought Provoking Prompts for Personal Development
  • 100 Marketing Prompt Framework Starters
  • 100 Content Creation Prompt Frameworks That Will Change Your Business Forever
  • 100 Prompts and Conversation Starters for Developing A Comprehensive Toolkit for Your Target Audience
  • 100 Technical Hacks You Didn't Know ChatGPT Could Help With Plus Bonus Hacks
  • 100 Prompt Frameworks for Strategic Planning
  • 100 Prompts You Need for Your Next eBook or Guide
  • 100 Personal Branding Development Ideas/Prompts to Increase Your Market Share
  • 100 Presentation Making Prompt Starters You Never Knew You Needed
  • 75 Essential Pieces of Prompt Architecture for Business Plan Writing
  • The Step By Step, Can't-Do-Without Guide to Creating a Digital Product by Solving Real Life, Everyday Problems for Everyday People
  • How to Conduct Market Research Using AI
  • How To Guide For Creating Your Customer Avatar Using AI
  • Complete User Guide to Getting the Most Out of Social Butterfly AI
  • Quick Guide to Using ChatGPT and Social Butterfly AI for Creating a Cohesive Icon Set
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Ultimate Digital Dominion AI Powered Toolkit