Don't Get Left Behind: Master AI and Level Up With the Ultimate Digital Dominion AI Powered Toolkit

Stop Hustling & Hoping
Get Faith Filled and Future Focused!

Ultimate Digital Dominion AI Powered Toolkit

Who is The Ultimate Digital Dominion AI Powered Toolkit for?

  • Unsure how to use AI to grow your business without feeling inauthentic?
  • Struggling to develop relevant, needed digital products and maintain consistent sales?
  • Uncertain what GPTs and AI Assistants do and how they can help you level up?
  • Feeling the pressure as you watch the 1% begin to implement AI while you are trying to figure out how to even get started?
  • Confused by all of the new technology and "shiny new objects"?
  • Already juggling endless to-do lists and doing your best to avoid burnout?
  • Frustrated with time wasted on repetitive tasks?
  • Afraid of falling behind in an ever-changing digital world?
  • You've lived through every "tech boom" and are tired of weaponized jargon keeping you outside of the gates of opportunity?

These are all legitimate concerns. But its time to move past them. If you answered yes to any of these questions, this toolkit is for you.

You didn't start your purpose-driven business to be a slave to other people's opinions nor to the business itself. You didn't start just to give up or keep revamping everything over and over again. It's time to harness the power of AI ethically and effectively to release your message to the masses. Its time to get serious about securing a future that is impervious to the whims and woes of the world.

You've Been Looking For the Keys to Digital Dominion

Now They Are in Your Hands

Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken

Here's the reality. In order to even be taken seriously, much less compete in the not just near but imminent future, you will need this knowledge.

Beyond that, these are the basics needed
to be able to level up and retrofit your business ideas.

Automatically included is a copy of Digital Dominion which contains:

  • 105 pages of checklists and resources
  • 185 digital business ideas
  • 50 online platforms for hosting your digital business
  • The Digital Dominion Prayer Matrix
  • 30 Scripture Declarations
  • A library of worksheets
  • The Digital Dominion Branding Matrix
  • 400 word glossary to help understand the language of digital business

Plus an exclusive, expanded toolkit of more than 2000 directories, private lists, curated resources, mini eBooks and guides.

  • Directory of 500 AI Powered Platforms Segmented by Use Case
  • 334 Image Creation Prompts to Use in Social Butterfly AI, Chat GPT or MidJourney
  • 100 Productivity Hacks Prompts that Will Make You Infinitely More Productive
  • 100 Innovative Thinking and Product Development Prompts PLUS 45 Bonus Prompts
  • 100 Thought Provoking Prompts for Personal Development
  • 100 Marketing Prompt Framework Starters
  • 100 Content Creation Prompt Frameworks That Will Change Your Business Forever
  • 100 Prompts and Conversation Starters for Developing A Comprehensive Toolkit for Your Target Audience
  • 100 Technical Hacks You Didn't Know ChatGPT Could Help With Plus Bonus Hacks
  • 100 Prompt Frameworks for Strategic Planning
  • 100 Prompts You Need for Your Next eBook or Guide
  • 100 Personal Branding Development Ideas/Prompts to Increase Your Market Share
  • 100 Presentation Making Prompt Starters You Never Knew You Needed
  • 75 Essential Pieces of Prompt Architecture for Business Plan Writing
  • The Step By Step, Can't-Do-Without Guide to Creating a Digital Product by Solving Real Life, Everyday Problems for Everyday People
  • How to Conduct Market Research Using AI
  • How To Guide For Creating Your Customer Avatar Using AI
  • Complete User Guide to Getting the Most Out of Social Butterfly AI
  • Quick Guide to Using ChatGPT and Social Butterfly AI for Creating a Cohesive Icon Set
  • 85 Skills You Used to Need Multiple Apps for But Now You Can Just Do With Canva

Meet the Creator of The Ultimate Digital Dominion AI Powered Toolkit

Hi, I'm Nicole.

I am an entrepreneur, marketing veteran, digital strategist, and AI educator passionate about empowering leaders and purpose-driven entrepreneurs. As the creator of the Ultimate Digital Dominion AI Toolkit, author of Digital Dominion, builder of 13 custom GPTs powered by OpenAI and counting as well as the inventor of the patent-pending Archetype Quiz for the Modern Entrepreneur, I help leaders harness the power of technology to amplify their impact, drive sales and grow their vision.

xoxo Nicole


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ChatGPT Mastery

Unlock the power of conversational AI. Learn to harness the power of ChatGPT for your faith-based business! Optimize tasks, streamline communication, and generate compelling content.

Who Should Enroll: 
Leaders, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and anyone ready to use AI to amplify their message and simplify their workflow.

CanvaAI Mastery

Master Canva's AI tools to streamline design and unlock new income streams. Create stunning visuals, compelling marketing content, and sellable design assets that reflect your faith-based mission.

Who Should Enroll:

Leaders seeking to enhance outreach. Faith-based entrepreneurs ready to level up their branding.Anyone wanting to master AI-powered design.

Text2Image Mastery

Words are truly powerful. Turn your imagination into visual wonders with AI. Create captivating visuals express your creativity, with stunning images generated from your own descriptions.
Who Should Enroll:

Leaders, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and anyone wanting to master AI-powered art generation, stock images and fine art.

These Moguls Love Mogul School and So Will You

"Today I completed my Camp Fearless this class I learned a lot, but to mention some I got bolder, stronger, but most of all FEARLESS in Camp Fearless...the most amazing thing is I when I watched the replays I would be on the floor right after the part Communion time & worshipping The Lord. From worship transitions to prayer & heavy intersession, getting wild ideas to create…..Nicole Murray you are amazing, not only in Digital Dominion & everything with AI, but how to create a safe place & an atmosphere...God in the midst of us, His tangible presence time after time in all the sessions. Thank you and to all my classes followers love you all. If you ask what is next? I will work & will complete Digital Dominion, ChatGPT Mastery & more."

Tsega Mogos,
Translator and Advocate for Eritrean Refugees in Norway
(Oslo, NO)

"Nicole is an exceptional digital creator, marketing expert, entrepreneur and coach. Her expertise transcends mere experience, as she pioneers new possibilities in marketing and product design.
I've had the privilege of being coached by Nicole and have repeatedly enrolled in her digital courses and Mastermind classes.
I highly recommend Nicole to anyone seeking top-tier expertise in digital content creation, marketing, product development, and launch."

Charmaine Williams,
Owner of Charmaine Williams Global

(Chicago, Il)

I have a vision of what we can do for the kingdom with these tools and so does Nicole Murray. What you ignore now will cost you later. Mogul Coach, Nicole is the truth."

Marcus Conaway McIntyre
Sr. Pastor, Becomers Church and Graphics Designer, MacMade Designs
(San Antonio, TX)


You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers.

How much does The Ultimage Digital Dominion AI Powered Toolkit cost?
The Ultimate Digital Dominion AI Powered Toolkit with more than 2000 AI resources plus a copy of the internationally sold eBook Digital Dominion is only

Is this a re-release of your book, Digital Dominion?
This toolkit is a set of tools that takes the user experience of my previously released book up to new levels. I have included the eBook as one of the tools but there are significantly more resources in the toolkit.

Can I buy the Class Pass separately?
No. The Class Pass pricing of $77 for 3 full classes, 59 learning modules, dozens of hours of video demonstrations and 3 AI certificates is exclusive to this bundle and is at a cost lower than the cost of one class enrollment when purchased separately. The eBook, toolkit and classes are a 360 experience that can be fully enjoyed by nearly everyone at this registration cost. The Class Pass cannot be purchased as a standalone. However, enrollees may register for the classes individually at the normal registration cost. Please contact us at to discuss any special financial circumstances when enrolling in individual classes.

How do I access my purchase?
Once purchased, you will receive a series of emails giving you access to your purchases.

What is the refund policy?
Online classes, digital downloads, digitally accessible products and virtual or any form of coaching is non-refundable. There are no exceptions to this policy.