The Social Butterfly-AI 2.0

You've waited long enough.

Your highly trained creative AI assistant for researching and developing purpose driven content is here.

Amplify Your Voice, Change The World

The Possibilities are Endless



The Social Butterfly-AI will help you research ideas and themes to plan a comprehensive calendar. This is the Social Media Planning Assistant you always needed.



The Social Butterfly-AI will help you outline posts, blogs, short form videos as well as write scripts, draft talking points, translate content and create images.



Release your message to the world in a cohesive, purposeful format. Save time and reduce errors with the power of chatbot technology.


What is The Social Butterfly-AI 2.0?

The Social Butterfly-AI 1.0 is (version one) of a faith based content creation assistant.

What can The Social Butterfly-AI 2.0 help me do?

The Social Butterfly-AI 1.0 (version one) can help you complete nearly any content creation task; social media content calendar planning, generate ideas for posts, research scriptures and other faith based study tools, outline and refine blog posts, generate beautiful images, write short form video scripts, write YouTube video scripts, translate your content into other languages and so much more.

How do I get access to The Social Butterfly-AI 2.0?

It's easy! The Social Butterfly-AI 1.0 is available to all ChatGPT Plus account holders.

Does OpenAI own The Social Butterfly-AI 2.0?

No. The Social Butterfly-AI (version one) is owned and developed by Nicole Murray, The Mogul Factory LLC. It is powered by Open AI.

Why is this called The Social Butterfly-AI 2.0?

Because this is only version one. There is so much more to come with The Social Butterfly-AI 1.0. While you are enjoying the robust set of skills your new assistant can help with, we are busy developing version two featuring an interactive sheduling assistant which will be released later in 2024.

Meet Nicole.

The founder and developer of Social Butterfly-AI 1.0, Nicole is dedicated to creating tools and learning experiences for the purpose of equipping faith-based, purpose driven entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, authors, ministries and all who wish to navigate the digital age with impact and authority.

Nicole is also the founder of Mogul School where future Moguls are able to gain the knowledge and essential skills training equipping them to navigate the Digital Golden Age as a voice of the future.

She is also author of the book, Digital Dominion.

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